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The Myth of Prescription Dog Foods

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  • 10 April 2017
  • Pet Wants

Have you heard of prescription dog foods? Many of us have heard about prescription blends from other dog owners, reps or even individuals involved in the care of animals. The pitch behind this type of dog food is it provides a way to prevent the recurrence of different conditions in dogs. However, as many dog owners and  vets have shared online, these “prescriptions” fall short time and time again.

While it makes sense that a dog owner wants a way to help his pet with a condition it’s experiencing, prescription dog foods simply don’t live up to what they promise. Instead, these foods take large amounts of money out of owners’ pockets and leave their pet in the same condition they started in.

Prescription Dog Foods Aren’t Fresh

Dog foods marketed under the “prescription” moniker come with big price tags. But that doesn’t mean they offer value to match. For example, one vet published a blog post describing her analysis of a prescription dog food she was being pitched by a rep. When she looked into what was in the food, she found a preservative known as ethoxyquin. Ethoxyquin is considered outdated and potentially unsafe for animals. So the fact that this ingredient is found in food being marketed as a type of medical treatment for dogs is quite unsettling.

Lots of Fillers and a Lack of Protein

In addition to relying on preservatives, another common problem with big brand dog foods is their reliance on filler ingredients. These fillers often take the form of starchy, lesser grade corn. While more dog owners are becoming aware of this issue, what may still come as a surprise is these same nutritionally deficient ingredients are also commonly used in dog foods touted as prescription options.

From reducing the amount of nutrients that dogs get to making it harder for them to digest their meals, the list of downsides associated with filler ingredients is quite long. While fillers like corn “read” as a protein in food analysis, the protein they offer is not accessible by a dog’s digestive system—which means there is really limited protein in the food. Since protein is essential for both younger and older dogs, food that’s lacking in this nutrient can be quite problematic.

Fresh Food and Real Ingredients are the Way to Go

Although prescription dog food is nothing more than a marketing tactic, nutrition should be a priority for dog owners. When it comes to choosing a dog food that will truly help your dog, the two factors that matter most are freshness and the use of real ingredients. By choosing a food like Pet Wants that meets both of these marks, you can be confident that your dog is getting all the nutrients it needs to truly thrive.

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